PROPHECY [Chapter 5]

Discovering who we truly are, and deciding to embrace ALL sides of ourselves, calls for a celebration! But this can also be a tricky thing in relation to our loved ones, and friends. If I change, then the relationship has to change, right? Will they want to change with me, and become something NEW? 
I wrote Prophecy many years ago wanting to capture the joy of falling in love…again! For me, Prophecy is a love song and a tribute to some of my favourite musicians that went before me…It’s a celebration of our physical life, the body, dance, play, colour and sparkle, and a new-found connection with ONESELF. And most importantly, DARING TO SHOW it and share it. Not only for our own sake, but for the benefit of the whole!
Since only our Authentic Self is powerful enough to allow others as well to be fully themselves without caving in. Only our Authentic Self can carry the ones who need carrying without being crushed under the weight of suffering. And when our partial self can either laugh or cry – one at a time. Our total Self can weep helplessly, and yet somewhere underneath the momentary turbulence of the human condition, also chuckle at the wonder of being here, and now.

MACHU PICCHU [Chapter 4]

Imagine, if your beloved would have a different body. And if they would go by a different name. If they had a different voice and a different set of eyes. How would you recognise their essence? How would you remember them?
Machu Picchu is about finding each other lifetime after lifetime. It’s about death and rebirth. 
But in order to RE-member someone and to find them AGAIN…you need to eventually let them go! 
Saying goodbye to someone you truly love is never easy. Especially, if you don’t engage in blaming games making the other a Villain, so that you can comfortably play the role of a Victim trying to shield your own wounded heart. 
So the question is – Can I keep on loving though the love I knew seems to be dying? 
Am I able to let go of the very thing, that might be the only thing truly worth holding on to? 
Can I trust that if I say Goodbye…there’s a Hello on the other side of it?

MAKE ME HUMAN [Chapter 3]

Hi there, it’s SOMA 😊
So, you’ve been with me through World Is Calling…In The Night…and now Make Me Human. 
This is where the rubber meets the road!
With Make Me Human I’m asking the question:
“My Beloved fellow human, can you see me for what I am beyond my form, beyond my body and beyond my behavior?
Can you see me for the Being that I am?
Can you see YOURSELF as the conscious being you are beyond your unique personality?
Can you see how in our purest being-togetherness we might be essentially the One and the same?
Make Me Human is about the impossibility and probability that we might be One and yet Two simultaneously. It might be tricky to understand but it’s much easier to feel.
Make Me Human,  cries a child of war.
Make Me Human, begs a refugee and a vagabond.
Make Me Human, asks a criminal through their violation.
Make Me Human, are the silent whispers of the muted ones.
Make Me Human, are the words of a lover looking for a companion.
Make Me Human is a raw beating heart against a red primordial canvas, challenging the Gods to come down and feel this for themselves if they dare!
Make Me Human is a love song from the Human to the soul – realizing that it was the Soul all along doing the singing.

IN THE NIGHT [Chapter 2]


The Stockholm-based artist, creator and producer SOMA is embarking on a journey of freedom and is now knocking on your door. 

Will you open the door?

MAKE ME HUMAN is a cinematic love song from a war child to anyone who is willing to listen.

A dream within a dream, inviting the ultimate Dreamer within the viewer to recognize themselves as the characters on the screen.

MAKE ME HUMAN is ultimately about becoming one’s True Self.