MAKE ME HUMAN [Chapter 3]

Hi there, it’s SOMA 😊
So, you’ve been with me through World Is Calling…In The Night…and now Make Me Human. 
This is where the rubber meets the road!
With Make Me Human I’m asking the question:
“My Beloved fellow human, can you see me for what I am beyond my form, beyond my body and beyond my behavior?
Can you see me for the Being that I am?
Can you see YOURSELF as the conscious being you are beyond your unique personality?
Can you see how in our purest being-togetherness we might be essentially the One and the same?
Make Me Human is about the impossibility and probability that we might be One and yet Two simultaneously. It might be tricky to understand but it’s much easier to feel.
Make Me Human,  cries a child of war.
Make Me Human, begs a refugee and a vagabond.
Make Me Human, asks a criminal through their violation.
Make Me Human, are the silent whispers of the muted ones.
Make Me Human, are the words of a lover looking for a companion.
Make Me Human is a raw beating heart against a red primordial canvas, challenging the Gods to come down and feel this for themselves if they dare!
Make Me Human is a love song from the Human to the soul – realizing that it was the Soul all along doing the singing.

IN THE NIGHT [Chapter 2]


The Stockholm-based artist, creator and producer SOMA is embarking on a journey of freedom and is now knocking on your door. 

Will you open the door?

MAKE ME HUMAN is a cinematic love song from a war child to anyone who is willing to listen.

A dream within a dream, inviting the ultimate Dreamer within the viewer to recognize themselves as the characters on the screen.

MAKE ME HUMAN is ultimately about becoming one’s True Self.