The Stockholm-based artist, creator and producer SOMA is embarking on a journey of freedom and is now knocking on your door. 

Will you open the door?

MAKE ME HUMAN is a cinematic love song from a war child to anyone who is willing to listen.

A dream within a dream, inviting the ultimate Dreamer within the viewer to recognize themselves as the characters on the screen.

MAKE ME HUMAN is ultimately about becoming one’s True Self.

SOMA writes unapologetic pop songs about the freedom of being utterly human and yet irreversibly divine. From the deepest ruptured spaces of our collective psyche to the beauty of a one-night stand, SOMA lends her voice to the muted ones within and without. 

Reminding us of the fluidity of all constructs and the interconnected nature of all things and non-things – from gender and ideologies of race, from narratives of war and power to the falsehood of Separation – SOMA claims to be a unique someone, yet no one special.